Feeling Like a Rockstar

After I received my two guitars, I truly felt like a rockstar! I was jamming out playing songs on my electric, while strumming chords on my acoustic. I was playing classics from Gun N Roses all the way to beautiful love songs. I really felt like I was growing as a guitar player.

I didn’t want to stick to just one genre when learning the guitar. I was told from a friend who played guitar that it is better to learn multiple genres. Man was he right! Whenever I was tired of practicing hard rock songs, I would switch to playing Jazz. By doing this I was able to practice for much longer because it felt like I was practicing something completely different. Even though I may not have been getting better at hard rock songs, I was still get better at guitar. Which doesn’t hurt!

I think learning many different types of genres makes for a better musician, a better entertainer. Although I wasn’t playing any shoes for fans, whenever a family member or friend asked me to play for them I asked what they preferred to hear. That way I could play something they actually enjoy to hear. People would actually listen and ask me to play more. They would intrigued with my guitar playing ability. Instead of just listening to me play a piece for a couple of minutes and then going back to doing whatever they were doing before.

This made me feel like a rockstar! Although I may not have been playing rock all the time, I felt like a badass guitar player! A rockstars job is to entertain, and that is exactly what I was doing. Playing something that the people listening actually enjoyed listening to. I had so many friends and family ask me to play for them again. I was starting to feel like a real musician, a real entertainer, a real ROCKSTAR!

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